Fall Updates

It's been SO LONG since I posted 'round these parts. This past summer got away from me. Some interesting things happened in The Land of Not Writing, not gonna lie. Also, in the Land of Writing. But I'll mostly update you guys on the latter.

Before I get to the updates, I wanted to direct you all to a fun interview I did for The Madeleine Project. Kristina Perez asked me to answer some not-so-common questions like what my idea of happiness is and why I lie. I also share my madeleine. (A "madeleine" is a trigger which provokes a particularly strong sense of nostalgia or inspiration.) Here's the link:

Now! Onto some fun things that have happened recently:

1. Copyedits for Extraction showed up on my doorstep! And were returned within a few days. It was a bit surreal knowing that was one of the last times I'd be able to read the book and still make changes. Thankfully, I still found it enjoyable. We'll see if that lasts...

2. I finished the first draft of Extraction book 2!!

This book was tough. It was one of those drafts where I couldn't bring myself to just write all the way to the end. Nope, after almost every single chapter, I'd start to move onto the next one and my brain would promptly yell "STOP. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT." and force me to return to the previous one and re-write it. It was a long battle, but I did make it to the end. Of draft 1.7 (as I like to call it) at least.

3. I started watching Supernatural, as you can probably tell from my choice of gifs for this blog post. But really, HOW COULD I NOT? Look at these beautiful faces.

This show was my reward for working on book 2 most days, and sometimes my reward for doing nothing at all. And I've almost caught up! Which is good because I keep seeing spoilers for season 9 episodes. *sigh*

I think those are the most important updates. Other fun things are in the works, and I will share those with you when I'm able.

P.S. I finished Allegiant yesterday. Did anyone else finish it yet??

That is all.