I spent all of my childhood reading and loving stories, scribbling down my own in the journals that are still stuffed in my closet. Later, I frantically typed them into word documents.


Ever since I was six, it was my dream to walk into a bookstore and find a story I'd written on the shelf.

And now it's actually coming true. Like. For real.



It's pretty scary. And awesome. Also I can't quite believe it.

I'm so grateful to all the people who helped me along the way: those who supported me and cheered me on, and those who inspired me even if they didn't know it.


I hope some of you readers will pick it up and enjoy it, and maybe even love it. I'll never be able to explain how much this book meant to me while I was writing it. It was a promise of better things to come, and it kept me going through a lot of scary moments. I'm so grateful I got to tell this story and continue telling it in the sequels. I hope you'll stick with Clementine to see where she ends up.

If you'd like to buy Extraction, you can find lots of purchase links here.

If you do buy it, or check it out from the library, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your support means the world. <3



Rebellion Cover Reveal

We are down to less than ONE WEEK until Extraction hits shelves!!! I'm so freaking excited for it to be out in the world. And nervous. But mostly excited.

In the meantime, in case you missed it yesterday, the cover for Rebellion, the second book in the Extraction trilogy, was revealed on the Griffin Teen facebook page!

Isn't it so pretty?! I want to frame it and put it on my wall.

Rebellion hits shelves FEBRUARY 10, 2015. I hope you'll pick up Extraction and enjoy it enough to read book 2, because Rebellion is my favorite in the trilogy so far. Just sayin'. (Of course, I'm still in the middle of writing book 3.)

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Book Trailer Reveal & Giveaway

Today Mundie Moms is revealing the book trailer for Extraction! Head on over to check it out and enter to win a signed ARC:


Goodreads ARC Giveaway

My publisher's giving away 30 advanced copies of Extraction over on Goodreads. You only have two days left to enter, as the contest closes FRIDAY, JUNE 6!


Blog Tour Sign-Ups

Sign-ups open TODAY for spots on a blog tour for EXTRACTION, hosted by Itching for Books. If you're interested in participating, click the image below to sign up on Shane's site!


Netgalley + Upcoming Events

As of today, it's exactly TWO MONTHS until Extraction's release day. We are getting close, friends. And I am trying not to freak out.

I figured I should fill you in on some cool things happening now/in the coming weeks:

  1. For those interested in reading my debut early, Extraction is now available for request on Netgalley! I don't have any control over whose requests will be accepted/denied, but feel free to give it a shot.
  2. I will be releasing the book trailer very soon, and I'll have a fun giveaway (signed ARC! secret cool stuff!) to go along with that. So stay tuned.
  3. If any of you are hitting up ALA's Annual Conference in Vegas at the end of next month, I will be there with the Class of 2k14! I hope you'll check out our YA vs. MG Trivia Smackdown, hosted by Jay Asher and Josephine Angelini. Find more info here.
  4. I will also be on the panel "Marketing with Class" at SCWBI-LA in August. Details can be found here.
  5. In case you missed it, I was featured in an article for Cosmopolitan Latina, 5 Latina YA Authors You Need On Your Radar. Hope you'll check it out!

That's all for now! Be back soon. :)



For the next week, my publisher, St. Martin's Press, is hosting a sweepstakes to give away ten advanced copies of EXTRACTION. You've got until next Saturday, May 3 to enter!

We're getting so close to the official release day. Less than three months to go. AHHHHHHHHHHHH


Want Some Free Swag?

Hey guys!

I recently designed some bookmarks for Extraction, and they showed up on my doorstep a couple days ago, all shiny and itching to be spread throughout the world.

If any of you would like some for yourself or to pass around to friends/family/librarians/booksellers (the latter two would be particularly awesome), feel free to shoot me an email with your mailing address at stephaniediazbooks@gmail.com. (I'm happy to sign them, if you'd like :)

**US only**



You guys!!! I'm so ridiculously excited to finally share my cover with you. Without further ado...










"Welcome to Extraction testing."

Clementine has spent her whole life preparing for her sixteenth birthday, when she’ll be tested for Extraction in the hopes of being sent from the planet Kiel’s toxic Surface to the much safer Core, where people live without fear or starvation. When she proves Promising enough to be “Extracted,” she must leave without Logan, the boy she loves. Torn apart from her only sense of family, Clem promises to come back and save him from brutal Surface life.

What she finds initially in the Core is a utopia compared to the Surface—it’s free of hard labor, gun-wielding officials, and the moon's lethal acid. But life is anything but safe, and Clementine learns that the planet's leaders are planning to exterminate Surface dwellers—and that means Logan, too.

Trapped by the steel walls of the underground and the lies that keep her safe, Clementine must find a way to escape and rescue Logan and the rest of the planet. But the planet leaders don't want her running—they want her subdued.

With urgent writing, fluid dialogue, and a cast of unforgettable characters, Extraction is a page-turning, gripping read, sure to entertain lovers of Hunger Games and Ender's Game and leave them breathless for more.


I have to shout an enormous THANK YOU to the cover designer, James Iacobelli, who perfectly captured the feel of the story, from the gorgeous stars to the interesting swirls of color to the freckles on Clementine's face. Thanks also to Kathy Huck (my fantabulous editor), Alison Fargis (my brilliant agent), and the whole team at St. Martin's for making all of this possible.

I hope you all love the cover as much as I do, and I hope you'll check out the book when it releases on July 22, 2014! You can even pre-order it now, if you like.