Something I always do when writing my novel is listen to music from movie soundscores for inspiration. But it can't be just anything. I choose tracks that evoke the emotion and action of a particular scene. Basically, I write the movie in my head, and the music serves as the soundscore. I'm a crazy fan of movies, by the way. Studying film production this fall :)

Anyways. I'm compiling a list of the particular sound score tracks I attribute to each chapter of my novel, mostly so it will be accessible to a few individuals who happen to be reading my novel at the moment, and for future readers. The list isn't quite finished yet, but there is one song I must post now. Unlike the others, it's by a band. I consider this song the theme, if you will, of my novel--well, really, of the entire trilogy, though I have not yet written the second or third novels. It's an absolutely amazing song if you haven't heard it before. So click and enjoy!

Marching On - One Republic


  1. I do much the same thing! :D I wrote my entire first novel to the soundtrack of Pearl Harbor. Now whenever I hear that music all I think of is that book.

  2. Same! It feels so wonderful to finally find "The One" (as in soundtracks or songs ;)) and listen to it as you write that scene in which the music's emotion spills out onto the keys.
    The soundtrack that worked wonders for me is Watermark, by Enya. Whenever it is put on in my house, I have flashbacks to certain scenes in my story