Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

It's about time this blog starts branching out. I have three artistic loves in life: writing, music, and film.

Ah, films. A good one wrenches your heart out, gives it a good launch into the air, and brings it back to you with a few pieces missing, just to make you feel something. The pieces should return in a few days.

Recently, I journeyed to a nearby cinema with a group of friends, sat in a comfortable red seat, and watched the screen light up with the latest in a saga: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I have to admit, I did not have high hopes for this movie. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it garnered my attention and made me wish for another sequel.

Yes, Jack Sparrow is the same as always. Rogue-ish, probably half-drunk, and still insisting that a "Captain" belongs somewhere in his name. His hair has changed color a little; it has a slight golden tint to it. Interesting. In this segment of his life, he seeks the Fountain of Youth. He finds himself joining forces with an old enemy, Captain Barbossa, against the evil pirate Blackbeard (whose ship can shoot fire, and who has zombies for crew members. kinda freaky. also never explained). Blackbeard thinks he needs to drink from the fountain due to a prophecy concerning his death by a one-legged man: Barbossa. Oh, and there's someone else seeking the fountain, too: the Spanish. There's the perfect mix of action and romance, with some great twists along the way.

In order to find the Fountain, Jack, Penepole Cruz's character (Blackbeard's daughter), and crew must first find and capture a mermaid, because a mermaid's tear is required for the Fountain's ritual.

And now we come to it: MERMAIDS.

They, in my opinion, were the best part of the movie. Almost like vampires, but so much cooler. According to legend, they catch sailors and drag them into the depths of the ocean, drowning them and gifting them to the sirens. I would absolutely love to read some great literature with mermaids as the villains.

But in Pirates 4, one mermaid, Syrena, is different than the rest. You're just gonna have to go watch the movie to see how :P

Movie Grade: A-

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  1. This movie pales in comparison to the first. It is not as good as the second or third either. It is bad enough that I actually had to stop watching it and take a break. It just seems cheesy to the point of being stupid. There are a few scenes that make it watchable though. The mermaid scene is really cool and reminds me of the quality of the first movie alot.