Happy Tuesday to you all! I've been tagged by the lovely Darci Cole for a game called "LOOK!"


If you are tagged, do a search for the word "look" in your work in progress. Copy that paragraph, along with surrounding paragraphs, to your blog, to keep the game afloat. Don't forget to tag others.

Here's the part where the word "look" first appears in my YA sci-fi, Extraction:


“You ready to go?” Logan brushes a finger under his left eye, as if he's wiping a bit of dirt away. But it's not dirt; it's a fresh bruise from some punishment an overseer must've given him during the night.

He tenses from his mistake. He doesn't like me to notice these things.

I scowl and move closer to him. “Is that all they did, or is there more?”

“That's all, and I'm fine. We need to go.”

“Put some mud on it, at least.” I crouch and gather a clump of puddle dirt in my hands. Straightening, I press it gently onto the skin below Logan's eye, ignoring his hand pushing mine away. He grumbles, and I smile. “That's better.”

“What, because I look like you?” He snorts and gestures to my mud-covered legs. “Did you sleep in a puddle?”

“No. Maybe then I would've actually slept.”

“You look nice, though.” He tilts his head and gives the dress I'm wearing a crooked smile. It's the only dress I own, light blue, speckled with faded pink flowers. The hem frays at the bottom. I'm even wearing shoes, the ones Laila wore before the Developers stole her away.


Now for the tagging...

Michelle Hauk
Mia K Rose
Alisha Klapheke
Jemi Fraser
Kacey  Vanderkarr

And anyone else who wants to participate. ;)


  1. Thank you! I hope my 'look' is in a good section! Hmmm...

    I LOVE this snippet and can't wait for this book to be on the shelves!! :)

  2. Well, I didn't have to 'look' far. I had one in the first paragraph.

  3. Yay for fun. I've got up my post: http://wp.me/s2AYyV-look