How many of you are writers? How many of you can't stand writing queries?

Here's your chance to skip the slush pile!

"Get Your Pitch On" starts October 15th. It's hosted by Down Under Wonderings and YAtopia. So, what's the fuss about?

Commissioning and Managing Editor of Hardie Grant Egmont, Marisa Pintado, will be taking your pitches. Marisa is looking for YA in any genre and is accepting submissions from anywhere in the world. There's no limit on how many requests Marisa will make from the contest.

Here are the rules:

  • Your manuscript must be complete, polished and ready to query - this means no first drafts or almost finished manuscripts.
  • It must be YA.
  • When the contest goes live on October 15th, post your entry details in the comments section of either YAtopia or Down Under Wonderings - each blog is accepting 100 entries only.
  • Your entry detail needs to include a 50 - 70 word pitch.
  • You can enter more than once if you have more than one complete, polished, ready to query manuscript.
Head on over to YAtopia for more details, like how to format your entry and all that good stuff.


On October 1st, I will be hosting a pitch workshop to help you guys shape up your pitches for the contest. Mostly because reading pitches for the recent Pitch Madness contest made me crave slush. 

And I'm not the only workshop host! Twenty blogs will be participating. You can find the full list here.

Pitches for the workshop will be accepted starting Monday, September 24th. Details of how-to-submit will be posted that morning. I'm so excited to see what you've got!

(Follow the #PitchOn hashtag to stay up-to-date.)

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