Updates: Publishing Contract, Fan Art, and more!

Today has been a pretty cool week! I turned in my first round of revisions last week, which allowed time for excessive reading over the weekend. Of course by Monday I had to dig into a big school writing project, but it's going well so far, thankfully.

But the more exciting thing: I received my very first fan art! A book cover, no less. The lovely ~CvetiM over at Deviantart made this beauty:

Isn't it GORGEOUS?

I also attended Shannon Messenger's launch party for Let the Sky Fall on Tuesday night. So much fun!! Writers/readers are pretty much the coolest people to hang out with. Ever.

Photo By: Natasha M. Heck
And, last but not least, I finally got to sign my publishing contract! This book writing thing is official. We're doing this.

Hope you all had and continue to have a great week!

(P.S. Sorry, I had to turn CAPTCHA back on due to major spam overload)

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