Monday Thoughts

Some things that were on my mind over the weekend:

1. BBC'S Sherlock has rammed its way into my heart. It's clever and funny and I mean come on, it stars BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH (a beautiful man) and MARTIN FREEMAN (the adorable Bilbo). If you haven't checked this out yet, go go go!

2. Now for something completely different: gun laws.

There have been far too many shootings lately, as I'm sure you all know. On Saturday, something happened very close to home for me. I was at work when I learned there was a roadblock out on the street due to a manhunt. The police weren't allowing anyone into our shopping plaza. It turns out, an armed man chased his girlfriend into the local cinema (where my friends and I go ALL the time, so this is, uh, pretty scary). The police ended up shooting the man because he was considered a serious threat. Thankfully, no one else was harmed. But it scares the crap out of me. I don't know what the right solution is, but something needs to change.

There's an article with the full story from Saturday here, if you're interested. It was covered by British press: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2261570/Reading-Cinemas-shooting-Tom-Billodeaux-wounded-police-screening-Les-Miserables.html

That's all for now! Hope you guys have an excellent week. Stay safe.


  1. I love Sherlock and Benedict! I can't wait till the 3 season comes out...eventually, lol.
    I completely agree there has been way too many shootings lately, it's disturbing that it's becoming more frequent.

  2. Sherlock is amazing! As are Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman <3 All of the shootings lately are so sad and really terrifying.