Some Pretty Cool (and some "meh") Updates

Hi guys! Hope your week is going well so far.

Mine was sort of not so fun yesterday, seeing as I became a brace face again. Evidence:

At least they're not as painful as I remembered them being. And hopefully they'll be off by the end of the year. (Cross your fingers and toes for me, please.)

Other slightly cooler things:

1. I purchased this wonderful pair of fingerless gloves/wrist warmers (which I'm wearing in the picture above) from Etsy. They're making writing in my cold room so much easier! Etsy is basically the greatest.

2. My edit letter came in last Saturday! Which means I'll be holing up in my room even more than usual! I'm so excited, though. I can't wait to make Extraction ready for you guys to see.

3. I have a guest post today over at Writer Writer Pants On Fire, the blog of Mindy McGinnis (author of Not a Drop to Drink). Mindy sent me a list of questions related to Submission Hell and I responded! Hopefully my answers will be helpful!

That's all for now. Ttyl!


  1. Good luck with the braces!

    Yay for the edit letter!

    Great interview! :)

  2. I have to get braces soon, too... again :(