Book of the Week: Shatter Me

Rating: 4 out of 5

From the first page, the writing of this book hooked me. Shatter Me is the story of Juliette, a girl who has been locked up for 264 days because her touch is lethal. Her thoughts are tangled beautiful dripping with emotion crossed out in places. That is the way she deals with her isolation and the years of her life she's spent unable to touch anyone without hurting them.

One day, she is given a companion in her cell. A boy with eyes that are too familiar not like any she's ever seen before.

And everything changes.

Learn more about Shatter Me on Goodreads. The amazingly awesome author Tahereh Mafi blogs here and tweets here.

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  1. Stephanie:

    I liked this book too, but many of my friends hated it. They felt the story was too contrived and they complained about all the slash writing - which I found intriguing. Glad a fellow YA writer enjoyed it.

    Congrats on snagging an agent. I am on AQ Connect too and saw your post with your announcement.

    Amy (atg5)