Hobbit Week - Host a Hobbit Party

It is officially Monday the 10th of December, which means it is officially the week of The Hobbit!

Looking for a way to celebrate? Planning to host a party?

Here are some Hobbit-themed ideas for you to consider:

1. Location: Hobbits often hold celebrations outdoors under giant canopy tents with banners and ribbons galore. For a more simple party, pick a garden setting with long tables for the meal and an area for dancing.

2. Costumes: Simple hobbit attire cardigans, long-sleeved shirts, vests, and cut-off pants for boys. Girls have the option of wearing skirts and blouses. All may wear capes. Guests may also dress as wizards, elves, or dwarves if they so desire!

3. Food: Hobbits simply adore mealtime. They traditionally eat six meals a day. For a hobbit-themed party, consider serving tea (I'd recommend a loose-leaf earl grey) or maybe something a little stronger (hobbits are fond of ales) before the main course, accompanied by snack foods such as scones or seed cakes with jam. Click here for a recipe for seed cakes!

For the main course, serve chicken or ham with skewered vegetables, or a mince pie if that suits you. For dessert, serve blackberry tart, a cobbler, or a giant cake with white frosting and strawberries! Click here for an array of Tolkien-inspired recipes to choose from.

4. Activities: Dancing is the perfect activity for a hobbit-themed party. Strike up some Celtic-inspired tunes! Set out a game of Lord of the Rings RISK for guests who are more battle-inclined. Provide small flowers for the crafty guests who'd like to make hair circlets. When darkness falls, pull out a spooky adventure story and read it aloud. Keep an eye out for Black Riders!

Have other ideas for a Hobbit-inspired party? Share them in the comments!


  1. OMG, I love this post. I want to kick myself for not thinking about throwing a HOBBIT party!! Perhaps next year I will. :)

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to try my hand at a six-meal-a-day plan. *eats all the food*

  2. AHH THIS IS AWESOME!! I am so excited for the Hobbit!

  3. Hahaha me and my bestie are decorating elf bras with butterflies and fabric flowers and rhinestones....

  4. I think you forgot an activity they love: drinking. Not that I'm recommending it, just observing. ;)

    Can't wait to go see it!