Vlog 2: Faeries, Tomato Juice, and Evil Owls

Dear readers, I present my second vlog. In which I discuss my reaction to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and also read an excerpt from one of my early novels that incorporates faeries, tomato juice, and evil owls:

ALSO, I've decided I'm going to try to post a special vlog once per month, or at least every couple months until the publication of Extraction. Yes, Veronica Roth gave me this idea. But instead of filming myself doing something I'm afraid of, I'm going to film myself pulling embarrassing stunts in public. I'll call them Social Experiments.

My friends helped me compile a short list of possibilities last night:

  • sing in a public elevator
  • stand in the middle of a crowded hallway and stare at the ceiling (see if others start to stare with you)
  • chime into stranger's conversations
  • trick or treat on an obscure holiday
  • dress up as a superhero in public and search for damsels (or dames) in distress
  • wear elf ears
  • write a phone number and "call me" on my forehead
  • stick obscure stuff--such as erasers, leaves, or lollipops--in my hair and see how people react
What do you guys think? Should I do some of these in particular?

I need more ideas. Please share some in the comments section, if you can think of any!


  1. Do you know how to drive stick shift? Maybe learn while having someone film you. That could be useful in the end and embarrassing in execution!